Loreicious is a lifestyle blog that not only talks about fashion, beauty and healthy recipes but also focuses on self-care and mindfulness. It's a place for young women in their 20's to get inspired and empowered to live a happier and healthier life. 

I'm Laura, 26 and currently located in Hamburg, Germany. After school, I pursued a career in event management. After 5 years of mostly organizing weddings, I decided to give myself over to my real passion (or so I thought at that time), musical theater. I quit my job and moved across the country to study performing arts.

I was gutted when I realized that despite the fun I had in school, something was still missing. Out of boredom, I started my blog in 2015, and this was the best decision I could have made. It turned from 'just' being a creative outlet and hobby into my true passion and despite all my expectations into my job. 

Mhm, what else... I'm a coffee addict, incredibly impatient, puppy lover, dreamer and probably the clumsiest person you will ever come across.

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