The question I get asked the most is 'How did you grow your blog so fast?' and the honest answer to that is... I have no idea. When I started this blog back in 2015 it was just a hobby for me, a creative outlet if you like. The amount of love and support I received really blew my mind and still does. Btw this is not a post to brag, I definitely don't think that the following count of a blog defines the quality and the worth of a blog.

But let's not gonna lie, the majority of us want to see our content beeing liked by a lot of people, that's just how it is. And honestly, I think that's ok! When you put so much work into your posts and your blog, in general, you want it to be seen. You wanna inspire people, motivate people and want your voice to be heard.

I don't really think you should put your focus on growing your blog fast. You will get more out of it when you let your channel grow organically.

Good Content

This is probably the most important tip of all. Good Content! This is what it's all about. You need to put good & quality content out there for people to find your blog. Write about the things you are really passionate about. Don't write about things, you think people wanna read about but it's nothing that interests you. People will know, trust me! Do your research before posting stuff...once on the internet always on the internet. Have fun! blogging is supposed to be fun...we are a community... we wanna inspire, motivate, help and encourage one another. And if you ever come to the point of haveing writer's block, I recently did a post about 40 Blog Post Ideas and added a free printable of that list to the post. So if you need some inspiration click here

Use social media

Use you other social media platforms to reach people. I'm using Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You might have noticed that I put social media icons at the top and the bottom of my posts to give the reader the option to check out my other platforms and to get to know me better.

Don't think about the numbers

A problem that I've recently struggled with. last year and especially at the end of last year my blog was growing quite fast and as the numbers went up I started to think that what I was doing wasn't good enough that I had to change everything. I put so much pressure on myself that I decided to take a break from blogging. when you write a post don't think about how many people might read it, write as if you are talking to your friend. (And with that I don't mean, putting your personal information out there... sadly there are not only good people on the internet)

Post consistently

Another thing I have been struggling in the past, but to post consistently makes such a difference. Since I've been posting on a schedule my views and follows have increased a lot. I know it's sometimes hard and the key to consistent posting is planning. I'm currently working on a free blog planner for you guys. Pls leave me a comment below what you'd find convenient in a planner and what you think about the idea of a free blog planner.


Omg to me good pictures are soo important and I think they are really important for a blog, some will not share this opinion, but to me they are. They bring life to the blog. Make sure to take quality pictures. If you wanna know how I edit my pictures click here

Categorize your posts

This is something I recently did with my posts. Like I explained in my 'Things are changing' post, I've been transferring my blog from a beauty blog to a lifestyle blog. Including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food and travel. So in my menubar, you will find a section called 'Blog' where you find all of my posts but you will also find a section for each category. That makes it so much easier for your readers to find the content they are looking for.

Link to your content

Maybe you've noticed that I added my 3 most recent posts to the end of every blog post I write. Here on WordPress a lot of people will find your blog through the Reader especially in the beginning stage. Which is awesome, BUT because of the Reader, most people won't go on your actual website. They will go to through the Reader, click on the post they like, click it, read it, give it a like and move on. By putting your most recent posts at the end of your post, you might show them something they would enjoy reading also. This way they will visit the blog check out more posts and more likely subscribe to your blog. I also link posts to posts. What I mean by that is pretty simple. Let's take this post as an example. In the part, with 'Good Content' I talked about my post about the blog ideas, but instead of only talking about it I give you a link to see for yourself. This way you will get more in-depth information about the topic you are interested in and you will visit another post of mine which might lead you to subscribe to my blog. This is so simple but really effective.

Reply to Comments

I know it sometimes takes me a while to reply to comments *shame on me* but in the end, I'm replying to every single comment. This is the way to connect with your readers and as long as you can reply to all of the comments, you should do it. Think about it, someone takes time out of their day to read your post, give it a like and comment on it. Show them that you appreciate it!

Get in touch with other bloggers

Read and comment on other blogs and with that, I don't mean leaving spam comments, cause that will give you the opposite!

I absolutely hate spam comments and most of the time I don't approve them and they actually make me really mad. It's just disrespectful to comment on someone's post, not even reading it and promoting your own blog or asking 'follow for follow'. If you ask me that I will 100% not follow you and not gonna check out your channel and I know a lot of other bloggers feel the same way. I don't have any problem with leaving the URL to your blog in the end of your comment, I'm doing that myself and that way I'm checking out your blog.

Do you wanna get in contact with me? Just click the button below. I always love hearing from you 🙂

BE yourself

Don't try to copy anybody. It won't work. Be yourself, cause that's the most significant advantage you have. There's nobody precisely as you out there. Use it.

Blogging is a great way to connect with all kinds of people around the world. That's a huge part why I love blogging so much; it doesn't matter where you are from, what religion you have or what color your skin has. It's a community where you can be who you wanna be and a community to make friends around the world who share the same interests as you. And in the end, that's what matters. It's not about who has the most followers, who has the most likes and comments, well at least it's not supposed to be about that. It's about making each other think, laugh, inspire, motivate, encourage and help. It's about being there for each other and supporting each other, at least that's what blogging means to me. Phu got a bit carried away at the end 🙂

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