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We all been there. you were supposed to publish a post but totally forgot about it. Now you have to options: miss a day or write a blog post last minute. Both options are not really great. But don't worry in this post I will show you how to plan your blog content like a boss. #girlboss 

And to be honest it's really not that hard if you know how. If you wanna be serious about blogging, keeping to your schedule aka plan your blog content ahead and being consistent is essential. 



Figuring out when and how often you wanna post is the first and most important step. Make sure to have a realistic schedule. Posting 7 times a week and keeping up high-quality content is not realistic. I would recommend 1-3 posts a week. Set your days when you wanna post and keep to your schedule. Posting consistently is key to grow your blog

If you wanna know more about growing your blog, you might wanna check out this post.


have a separate calendar for your blog

I would recommend having a sperate planner/calendar for your blog. If you use a paper planner or a digital planner is up to you. I love my paper planner but like I said it's totally up to you 

Schedule your posts

Now it's time to plan your posts aka write them in your calendar. I divide my posts into two groups.


NORMAL POSTS are posts are your regular posts (no sponsoring, no collaborations). Unlike sponsored posts, normal posts are interchangeable and can be changed if needed.

Since you have to meet a certain deadline, you have to plan your SPONSORED POSTS in advance and keep to your schedule. I plan my sponsored posts first and when that's all set plan my normal posts around them.

check for holidays

Check your calendar for any upcoming holidays (Christmas, Easter...). This way you can plan holiday related posts ahead and ensure that you won't forget them.

Plan a month ahead

I like to plan my blog content one month ahead. Just to be save that I don't miss deadlines and can keep to my schedule as well as take away the pressure to put something out there last minute. Which will also up the quality of your content.


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