I have to admit Netflix is my guilty pleasure. I just love it. Can you even think of a time without Netflix? Ok, that might be a little drastic :). But honestly, Netflix is constantly on in my house and if you have never seen the ‘Are you still watching’ screen you might not be familiar with the term binge watching. Quick explanation: It's the best thing in the world…okay maybe not the BEST thing but it's pretty high on the list.

I really love watching series & documentaries on Netflix. Now you might be thing ‘Dokumentars?! Really?’. Trust me, there are so many great documentaries about basically everything and anything on Netflix. That’s why I thought I would split this post in two and share my 10 favorite shows to binge watch and 5 of my favorite documentaries on Netflix.

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10 Shows to binge watch

Modern Family
Girl Boss
Gilmore Girls 
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
13 Reasons Why
New Girl
Making a Murderer
The Good Wife 
How to get away with Murder




5 Must-see documentaries

Living on one Dollar
Miss Representation
Chelsea Does Racism
I am Jane Doe
The Hunting Ground


So what are your favorite shows to watch on Netflix? Let me know 🙂

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