What is a Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is a post in cooperation with a brand which I receive compensation for. The German Press Law demands the clear separation of editorial content and advertising. From now on all sponsored posts will have the disclaimer 'Sponsored Post | What's that?' right beneath the Post-Banner and will be marked with the word 'Advertisement' in the right upper corner of the Thumbnail. This way you can decide whether you wanna read the sponsored post before clicking on it and guarantees full transparency for you guys.   

What are Affiliate Links?

Whenever I use Affiliate Links on LauraRebeccaJonas.com you will find the disclaimer 'Post contains affiliate links | What's that?' right under the Post-Banner and will be marked with 'Affiliate Links' on the right upper corner of the Thumbnail.  Only products I truly use will be linked in my posts. If you click on an affiliate link and buy the product or something else on the linked to the website, I will earn a commission. For you, as 'buyer' nothing will change, there is no additional fee.

What does this mean for you?

Since honesty, authenticity, and transparency are most important to me I wanna give you full disclosure of what is happening on this blog. Please note that I only accept offers to write about products that I personally use and I find provides value to you, my readers. Therefore, you will never find only promotional texts on LauraRebeccaJonas.com. 

Your trust is incredibly important to me!

If you have any questions concerning this subject, please don't hesitate to contact me at hello@laurarebeccajonas.com

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