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If you wanna increase your blog traffic, Pinterest is the place to be. Honestly, most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. Did you know that Pinterest isn't a social media platform? In fact, it's a search engine and that makes it so effective. Let me share some tips and trick that I used and still use to increase my blog traffic massively. 

Business Account

A Pinterest business account is a must for every blogger. With a business account, you can verify your site, you are able to use Pinterest Analytics and you are able to sign up for rich pins. Especially the analytics are really beneficial for blogger. You can see what is being pinned from your site and see how many people are repinning your images.

You wanna sign up for a business account? Just click here!

Rich Pins

After you created your business account you can sign up for rich pins. But what are rich pins and why are they so important? As Pinterest defines it: Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself

You can choose between 5 different types of rich pins: movie, recipe, article, product, and place. Rich Pins also include blog post title, author information, pin description and call to action.

The click-through rate to your website can increase by 70% which is massive and drives a lot of traffic to your blog.

Pin Button

Installing a Pin-Button to make it as easy as possible for your readers to pin images from your site, is really beneficial and will help you increase your traffic. This way your reader will share your content with their audience. 

Pin, Pin, Pin

Pinning is essential to growing your traffic. I try to pin between 30 and 50 times a day. Make sure to pin high-quality content that is useful for your audience. With apps like crowdfire, you can schedule pins and let the app take over your daily pinning.

Vertical Pins

Make sure to use vertical pins only! They perform a lot better and attract more attention. Also, most group boards only allowed vertical Pinterest size pins. I use picmonkey for my pins, they have 3 Pinterest templates which make it so easy to create amazing pins. Also, make sure to design attractive pins. use good pictures and a catchy headline that makes people want to read your article and stand out from the rest.



Use your description box to describe the content of your blog post. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your description. Hashtags are not used on Pinterest you are better off using them on Instagram & Co. In fact, they could actually harm the performance of your pin.

group boards

Group Boards are amazing. Ever since I started using them my blog traffic increased massively. You have to be invited to a board to be able to pin to that particular board. To find the best group boards for you and your business you can use the website This website helps you find the most attractive and active Pinterest group boards. Make sure that the re-pin rate is high aka that the pins on the board get a lot of re-pins. Group boards truly changed my blogging game. They are key to grow your blog with Pinterest. If you wanna join a board read the board description most of the needed information to join the board will be included there.

happy & positive vibes

Pinterest is a happy and inspirational place. It's full of good vibes and people that wanna help each other out. be part of this happy and positive vibe! Be friendly to people and try to connect with people from your niche, don't spam 😉


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